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About the Advait Tantra School

This group of friends that share this work with me call us, collectively, a "School" because there's something of the quality of the old Mystery Schools going on here. We have a closeness, a camaraderie, because much of what we know is ... let's say ... somewhat unfamiliar ... to most people. It is nice to hang out, chat about our day, and not have to get into self-censorship to avoid people needing therapy afterwards. A "School" too, because the teachers I work with share an understanding of and a dedication to our work. Also "School" because we help seekers with their quest. We're not in the business of entertaining (although huge offers have been made for webcam access to our workshops) and we're especially not in the business of "healing" or "therapy" or "empowerment". Not that there's anything wrong with any of that (and sure, people find working with us empowering, therapeutic, healing and, once in a while, entertaining) just it's not our focus of intent. We are more interested to support you to the fullness of awareness available to you. No other objective.

How our teaching looks is, we do talks, workshops, groups and individual sessions work.

Talks don't need much explanation, and to keep brains up to speed I usually make chai.

Dakini Shakti in the Cape, and Dakinis Shima and Wendy in Johannesburg present workshops, generally one day, focusing on a particular aspect or practice of Tantra.

Groups, the intensive residential weekend kind, and the once a week for a few hours kind are for those who are interested to work deeply with the lessons of tantra and have a willingness to support their fellow participants.

Individual sessions work is an opportunity to explore your awareness, privately, guided and supported by a widely experienced and deeply aware teacher. There's no guidelines to "what to expect in sessions" because it really is an absolutely individual thing. There's no "shopping list". You pay for the Dakini's willingness to support you as best she can, in accordance with her assessment, in whatever way her experience or intuition indicates to her. Sensual things happen from time to time in sessions, sometimes surpassing anything one could make a deal for and buy. Sessions can also consist of critically appraising your body, and suggesting ways of getting you into good enough physical shape to handle the work without suffering an otherwise unavoidable heart attack.

This shouldn't have to be statred, but it does: The Dakini is 100% in charge of the process.

Even if you don't understand the archetype of being a Dakini's petitioner, you at least extend the respect and regard that (in the old days) people had for doctors. In this way you avoid unnecessary suffering.

We are in South Africa. Visiting us isn't hard, or particularly expensive. We notice more and more international traffic at our websites, and some friends have urged that we relocate to somewhere more "first world", or more of a spiritual centre (I suspect they mean California) but we like it here at the Southern end of Africa. It is civilised enough: running water, cellphones, electricity (most of the time) and that kind of thing, but it's not entirely tame, and on paper at least, it's got the most freedom-supportive constitution on the planet.

At the core of this school are the Dakinis. Each of them is the finest Tantrika I've ever had the privilege to meet. Also the most adept, total and loving in their practice that I've ever even heard of. This is not hype. I'm not American .. this is just fact. … Ok, it's not understatement either. I'm not English.

Our major work is exploring ways to teach the ancient lessons in this dawning age's new way of "mastery" and "discipleship". This requires a very informal, apparently laissez-faire approach, much more friendly, but no less personally tough and confronting than the old "Stern Guru gives orders" way of things.

We tend to see the path of a student more as a paving, a jigsaw-puzzle than as a mountain climb. For example, the traditional Yogas of mind, then body, then higher philosophy training – all key stages of the path, unarguably – don't have to be addressed singly, each to completion before embarking upon the study of the next. Also, they don't need to be all studied from the same school, nor do they have to even look much like their traditional forms. For example, a competition-trained gymnast who's explored trance parties and Neo-Buddhism may have made significant progress in all three Yogas. So may a computer programmer with a long term interest in current physics and ballroom dancing, or a martial artist with a little scientology and a few months' Jungian therapy. All experiences in life, even retroactively, teach the Dharma. We pay attention to missing pieces of the jigsaw-puzzle, and the "fit" of what you already have.

In this school, internally in this school, we've been through a process of refinement, of distilling what we've found important on our paths to becoming teachers and what we've learned from the above areas of understanding.

For example, there is unfortunate confusion in spiritual and tantric circles over apparently conflicting teachings. Most of this misunderstanding arises from the fact that different teachings apply at different levels of understanding. There's good reason why some teachings are called "occult" or "hidden" … they need to be hidden from you until you're ready for them! Getting into them prematurely could be a major "snake", instead of the "ladder" they can be, given appropriate timing.

We're now busy with various projects, including this website, making what we've learned and know from our own experience available. Much of that will consist of articles on our blog.

There is an invisible sign over every Tantra Temple, every Mystery School: Abandon hope, all ye who enter here. It's for your ego to read. On this path and very much in this school, every polarised view that the mind/ego tries to hold is destroyed, or lovingly integrated, depending which of those polarities your ego-mind currently prefers.

Our invitation to you is to taste. Just sample what you find here. If some notion appeals, test it on the touchstone of your own experience. See if it's a "fit" with how you experience your world. If you'd like more, come to one of our talks, or get into the members area if getting to Africa is too geographically challenging.

Ultimately, you determine your level of involvement, or, to be more accurate, your level of involvement is determined by the Ultimate.













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