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Jan 2007


Shakti interviews Rahasya. Part 1

On relationship, and changes to the sexuality. Resonance of relationship and parenting. Accepting "what is" in relationship, going deeply into it. Ejaculation and orgasm.




Jan 2007


Shakti interviews Rahasya. Part 2

Mind, non-resistance, finding the truth of love in relationship. Allowing the patterns of the relationship into the sexuality. Common cause for premature ejaculation.




Jan 2007


Shakti interviews Rahasya. Part 3

Getting into awareness, removing unconsciousness in the sexuality, dropping control.




Jan 2007


Shakti interviews Rahasya. Part 4

    Relationship, learning love, approaching love as such. Discovering bliss in allowing the full development of orgasmic sensation.  

Jan 2007


Jacqueline interviews Shakti. Part 1

On Tantra and being a Dakini, tantric awareness




Jan 2007


Jacqueline interviews Shakti. Part 2

Describing Sessions work and methods , comments on technique, obstacles to human sexual potential. Heart, Advaita, unconditional love and ecstasy.











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