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Groups and Workshops

Upcoming talks, workshops and other events are posted on our events page.

Practitioner Training with Daknini Wendy and Rahasya. Johannesburg. Ongoing.

Dakini Shakti is mainly Cape Town based. lists her blissdance, tantra and womens retreats, groups and workshops.

Rahasya, Dakini Shima and Dakini Wendy do this work mostly in and around Johannesburg.

Many of our events are open to beginners. Some retreats require some experience and recommendation from one of the school's teachers. Others are by invitation only.

We have been asked about indemnity forms. We do not have such a thing. Indemnity forms are necessary for therapists who agree to be restricted by a code of ethics. Tantra is a system of spiritual practice, with a very different agenda from that of therapy.

Tantra deals in disillusion: The removal of illusion and the perception of truth. Often the first illusions to go are the student's expectations.

The intent of our work is transcendent, not therapeutic. Tantra is the fastest, harshest and most insistent of paths. We are careful in our guidance of our students, but do not claim to provide safety.

We find it necessary to our work that we be ethical and unrestricted..

In all of our work, we endeavour to support your spiritual progress. Success, from that perspective, is more or less defined as: You losing your attatchment to everything that currently matters in your life. Everything that has a quality of need … of craving. Ultimately, your attatchment to that which you think is you.

That huge and daunting objective requires much preparation. Much training.

Our group work is training for those Spiritual Warriors who mean it. Those who want the prize, and are not daunted by the intrinsic absurdity of taking on, wholeheartedly, the desire to transcend desire. Admitting to a craving to experience life beyond all craving.

More or less as I remember it from "The Life Of Brian" (at amazonand kalahari):

REG:    "If you wanted to join our group, you'd have to really hate the Romans."

BRIAN:    "I do. I do hate the Romans already"

REG:    Yeah? … How Much?


REG:    Well … all right then.


Participants' Reflections on a Tantric Awareness Retreat:

“I'm battling to find words to describe (my experience of the retreat). It certainly was one of the most amazing experiences I've had in a long time. The main reason is I broke through so many of my limiting beliefs. I feel as a result so liberated… The tenderness, gentleness, acceptance, openness and purity of our sharing made it so exquisite and safe for me to explore territories I never knew existed. As a result I feel I have a more intimate connection to the Divine and my heart has opened to loving at greater depths.”

“My mind has been opened to new possibilities. I was so blissfully blessed, and wish to continue on this journey with Tantra.”

“It was a divine and blissful sharing of simple love energy and I’m hugely grateful for the journey of the weekend and for every individual who was there that contributed in many and varied ways to make it what it was. It was a deliciously blissful time and I hope to see you all again on the next one!”

“I can’t tell you how wonderful, blissful and full of energy I feel (after the retreat). I can’t remember when last I felt like this. I am so happy without blockages, I feel like a butterfly in the air. There is a sensation on my skin… it feels like I can move mountains.”

On making love after the retreat: “(I found myself) making love slowly and just ‘allowing’ sensation and sensuality to gradually saturate my body. Once saturated; waves and ripples of blissful lightness-energy moving throughout my entire body; Smaller ripples riding upon bigger waves; Bigger waves being interspersed with calm blissful silence, then resuming again and again; going on an on; never seems to exhaust itself or getting tired of blessing me; making me giggle like a little girl and laugh like a boy riding the rollercoaster for the first time.”









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