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A rich store of information, particularly traditional texts at

The Sweetest Art

Lauren Sweet's creations are the product of a highly evolved awareness.

Current project "Breasts", an exploration of the naturalness of beauty.

Alternative Network Directory
A portal of alternative interests: complementary and alternative therapies and practitioners, herbs, diets, crystals, faiths, beliefs, reviews, forthcoming events, monthly newsletter, and community forum.
is a great website for the latest Natural Health and Wellness Articles, Books, Calendar, Healers, Goodies, Remedies, Retreats and Services in South Africa.

The Shakti Gardens
Friends of the school, Don and Sheri practice various forms of sensual massage in Western Johannesburg.

Touching South Africa
Jeanne works with conscious, loving touch - using total presence with the body to reach the heart. We typically tend to stimulate and excite the body and mind in the search for what we think we want. To touch with awareness is something we slowly develop and use to awaken to the bliss of the present moment.

Tantric Massage, London

A studio of Tantrikas in London, Tantric and Taoist sensual massage techniques.

Saints of Tantra
Stories of Tibetan Dakinis

Deborah Anapol, polyamory expert.

Tantric massage therapist
London, Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia:


Yabyummy is a teaching temple that provides a tantric path to gain sexual wholeness through breathwork, visualization, and tantric massage. We are committed to unifying sexuality with spirituality and spirituality with sexuality for growth minded men, women and couples.

BeFree Tantra Institute, Germany

Tantra Download, Tantra seminars

Advaita Tantra

Advaita Maria Bach, teaching in Germany



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