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CD's of meditations and talks


Heart Meditation CD

Essential support for Tantrikas, other intent seekers, anyone living with an attitude of totality, or intensity and anyone that has to endure pain or other suffering.

heart meditation cd by advait tantra school

There's ancient teachings and techniques that are still vibrant, still powerful and as relevant, as helpful on the path as ever they've been.

This technique is suitable for seekers, mystics, devotes, renunciants and celebrants of any tradition or theological persuasion. It simply teaches right and appropriate use of the heart centre and, quite literally, feeds it.

Several participants on our groups have found this technique fills something in them that they used to try, unsuccessfully, to fill by other means, like over-eating.

Now Available at Createspace (an Amazon company)

Text instruction for the Heart Meditation at and more about Heart Meditation on the blog article announcing it's release


Death Meditation CD

An ancient and extremely powerful meditation technique, guided by a modern teacher.

death meditation cd by advait tantra school

Support for seekers around their awareness of death. Particularly recommended for anyone experiencing deep or profound loneliness. Interesting for anyone who's become suspicious that some day they will quite likely die, and are interested to explore that a bit

This CD introduces the practice of Death Meditation as taught on the school’s Tantric Awareness Retreat. Track one introduces the meditation, talks about it's usefulness, and gently guides you into a deep awareness of death so that this ancient and powerful meditation technique becomes more accessible.

Track two guides you in the practice of the Death Meditation technique itself. The instruction stops after a while, so you can continue in silence, until a quiet gong sounds. Quiet so that it’s not disturbing if you want to continue the technique for a while longer.

Track three talks further about the meditation, now that you've experienced it, gives recommendations for it’s use and some hints of the insights available through it.

Now Available at Createspace (an Amazon company).

Hospice workers and other volunteers working closely with death and the dying are invited to contact us for free downloads of this meditation.


Power of the Goddess

Rahasya's talk at the
International Goddess Conference 2008

goddess conference 2008

  1. Introduction
  2. Advaita, psychology, suffering
  3. Eros and emotional capacity
  4. Power of women
  5. Death and devotion
  6. Dakinis and sky-dancing

Unfortunately the only recording made at the International Goddess Conference, 2008 in Franschhoek, South Africa.

We hear that some Goddesses that didn't get to the conference would like to hear this.

Rahasya's core work in the school is supporting, enabling and encouraging women who teach Tantra. In this talk, he advises women on matters of love and relationship from his unique and challenging perspective.

Now Available at Createspace (an Amazon company).











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