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Recommended Books

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Dakini's Warm Breath
Judith Simmer Brown


Revelation of the Dakini's role in traditional Tibetan Tantra.

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Red Hot Tantra
David Ramsdale


A great approach to the preparatory work for Tantra.

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Tantric Quest
Daniel Odier


Much enjoyed in the school. A modern classic.


Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic


The master for modern times, in his own words.


The Book of Secrets


Guidance in traditional Tantric meditations and exercises.


Halfway up the Mountain
Mariana Caplan


The author's narrative is interesting and may save some wannabe seekers from getting bruised. The lengthy quotes and descriptions of the way some Crazy Wisdom teachers have done things make it a very worthwhile read for tantrikas and other intent seekers who seek the highest of the Tantric yogas: The lightning fast path of close work with a personal Guru.


Frank Herbert


A classic fantasy sequence, theorising on human potential and other fun stuff.


Inga Muscio


Every woman has one...


Love Poems of the Sufi Master Rumi




Tantric Love
Sarita and Geho


A favourite in the school, with many exercises we use in sessions work.


The Perennial Philosophy
Aldus Huxley


Old, dusty, but unsurpassed.


Aldus Huxley


An elegant view of the fusion of the best the East and West have to offer.


Stranger in a Strange Land
Robert A Heinlein


His masterpiece... an honest exploration of love, relationships, religions and truth.


Le Milieu Divin
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin


A rare Christian Bhodisattva. Deep mystical understanding, beautifully expressed.


Warped Passages
Lisa Randall


An exposition of modern state-of-the-art physics.


Urban Tantra
Barbara Carrellas


Encouraging a deep and honest exploration of your sexuality. Lessons from modern sexuality and sex magic.


The Dark Tower
I (The Gunslinger)- VII
Stephen King


An epic journey, as rough as the path of any seeker.

  The Bible
the biography
Karen Armstrong

A gorgeously written account of the history of the Bible and the Christian religion, with surprises, celebrations and revelations throughout.

One example: It was only in 1860 that the idiotic idea of the Bible being "literally true" replaced contemplative and mystical approaches to the scriptures, thereby destroying the Bible's usefulness as a source of spiritual support.


Dakini Shakti's additions:

The Marriage of Spirit – Enlightened living in Today’s World (1998)
Leslie Temple Thurston

An invaluable guidebook to understanding duality and processing your way through it

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  Sexual secrets – The Alchemy of Ecstasy (2000)
Nik Douglas and Penny Slinger
  A colourful and rich exploration of Tantra in its many dimensions two Western experts in the Hindu tradition   amazon    kalahari
  Original Blessing (1983)
Matthew Fox
  Fox shows how what has been regarded as original sin is in fact original blessing. Lovely for those with a Christian background   amazon    kalahari
Joseph Heller
  A novel that depicts masterfully how minds operate when they are trapped in association and conditioning   amazon    kalahari
  The Beauty Myth (1990)
Naomi Wolf
  Reveals how modern women’s obsession with advertised beauty has been a mechanism to contain our power   amazon    kalahari
  When God was a Woman
Merlin Stone
  A riveting archeological rediscovery of matriarchy and the sacred relationship between sexuality and women here   amazon    kalahari
  The wounded woman
Linda Shierse-Leonard
  Helpful exposition on the archetypes that come from wounded farther-daughter relationships   amazon    kalahari
  Light emerging (1993)
Barbara Ann Brennan
  Fine visual depiction and description of human energy fields   amazon    kalahari
  The Shaman’s Body (1993)
Arnold Mindell
  Introduction to a new shamanic way of thinking about that body that is used also in Tantra   amazon    kalahari
  Passage to Power
Leslie Kenton
  Excellent book on menopause   amazon    kalahari
  Cultivating Female Sexual Energy, as well as Cultivating Male Sexual Energy
Mantak Chia
  Mantak Chia gives detailed descriptions of Taoist Tantric breath practices for directing and controlling sexual energy  

amazon kalahari
amazon kalahari

  Jewel in the Lotus: The Tantric Path to Higher Consciousness
Saraswati and Avinasha
  Exercises from the Kriya Yoga Tantra tradition; helpful if not taken too seriously   amazon    kalahari
  Eleven Minutes
Paulo Coelho
  An endearing tale of a young woman’s daring discovery of her sexuality, including BDSM   amazon    kalahari
  The Soul of Sex
Thomas Moore
  Moore’s compassionate approach to all things sexual honours the depth of human experience   amazon    kalahari
  After the Ecstasy, the Laundry – how the heart grows wise on the spiritual path
Jack Cornfield
  A heart-filled understanding by a mystic of how to integrate spiritual unfolding with the reality of everyday life.   amazon    kalahari





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