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Samsara (2000)

Beautiful, funny, philosophically rich.
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Bliss (1997)

Terence stamp gives as close a portrayal of a Tantrika as any actor is ever likely to manage. Remarkable, and mostly accurate and useful in it's information as well.
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A comedic, yet touching exploration of the psychology and eroticism of domination and submission.
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Women teaching Tantra to women. Culturaly speaking, this is how the healing begins.
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Shichinin no Samurai (1954)
The Magnificent Seven (1960)

The "Seven Samurai" Probably the finest movie describing the major aspects, or styles, of the Warior Archetype. A Tantrika is , among other things, a spiritual warrior. There's a remake happening, apparently. There's also a really good American version: The Magnificient Seven

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An exploration of truth on various levels, an eloquent critique of modern manhood.
    Gnostic philosophy and theology, modernised. A great story analogy for the spiritual path, teaching lessons common to all spiritually mature (not necessarily old!) traditions.  
    Ok, it's rough, in a very documentary style, and it's fairly gay too. Doesn't matter. See it!  
    Fun with the psychology of seduction.  
    Contrasting the way of love with the ways of fear, humourously. Great cast.  
    Grim... but it's worth staying to the end. How our culture treats women. SERIOUSNESS WARNING  
    A superb documentary.  
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    One has to make allowances .. hollywood people aren't well suited to portraying what they likely can't understand ... but it's funny, and possibly a bit educational. At least it's not serious.  
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    The intensity, the totality of the quest for revenge is a fair analogy for the path.  



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