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Dakini Tantra Sessions

This is the most mysterious and advanced of our teaching work. Dakinis teach the mysteries and secrets of tantra personally, directly and intimately – the only way Tantra is authentically taught.

Mysterious, in that it's a mystery and something of a miracle that it's possible to do what we do. Not complicated though: For the time you're with her, the Dakini has just one agenda… Supporting you as best she can, as compassionately and honestly as possible, towards your full capacity for awareness. However that looks and whatever it takes.

Note: The agenda is not your "better adjustment" to society, or "healing" of whatever you may view as an "illness". To whatever extent it looks like this happens with some students, it's purely a by-product of the work, not the centre of it.

Tantra Sessions are not in any way a "sexual service". Any idea that a Dakini can be paid to have sex with you is just plain wrong, and is probably dangerous, as is anything disrespectful of the Goddess. Also, she is available to support your awareness, your own spiritual development. Not to substitute for it, or to do it for you.

It may look to you like you come for a session, as with a doctor or psychologist, but the similarity is just due to how we arrange our time in this modern world. If you are sincere with your interest in Tantra, it is likely you feel some old-world resonance of approaching the Dakini's Temple as a Devotee. Something of awe, something of wanting, and beaucoup willingness is what's appropriate.

The spiritual path is not a smooth, well ordered highway. There's an old Ninja tenet we're fond of:

"Don't follow a path. Go instead where there is no path, and leave a trail."

The Teachers of this school have pioneered this "close loving personal guidance" approach to spiritual work as part of the trail we cut. It's huge fun, often scary, and is recommended only for the most insistent of seekers.

This work is deeply individual, and not much useful can be said about methods in general. Dakinis each have a huge range of technique, which they use, guided by intuition and informed by their experience. If they feel another teacher in the school (or outside it) would be particularly useful for some aspect of their student's learning, they will recommend and refer.

Although Tantric work is often really, really sexy, and often delightfully, heartbreakingly delicious, it's also firmly uncompromising around issues of truth and is nonnegotiably under the direction of the Dakini. She's OK for your experience to be a suffering as well as blissful, as long as it serves and supports your ego-shattering, your true freedom.


Tantric Practitioners: Dakinis And Dakas

A Dakini, the kind in human form, is roughly equivalent to the Muse of Western stories. She inspires the male, taking him to the full expression of himself in the world.

The student has obstacles to the expression of his Highest Self. Releasing these pretty much always involves revisiting the trauma that originally set the resistance in place. This is catharsis, the intense and complete experiencing of emotion that has long been contained, resisted, bottled up.

This is why many stories of Muses and other forms of Dakini picture them as willful, capricious, massively egoic, vengeful … in a word: trouble. They use the full range of manipulative tools and shock tactics that wives and other women have. Deliberately.

An in-school joke: What's the difference between the Goddess and a Dakini?

Answer: You can negotiate with the Goddess.

From more modern times, legend has it that once upon a time, Timothy Leary met Crazy Charlie and had just one conversation with him. It went like this:

Tim to Charlie: WHY?

Charlie to Tim: Because the women have all the power.

There is a lotof truth contained in that brief conversation.

A Dakini is a woman. Women are powerful trouble. Sorry female beloveds, but this really is true from the male perspective. The male beloveds know what I mean. So what's the difference between anywoman = trouble and Dakinis = trouble?

The difference is awareness.

Most women use their power, unconsciously, with unconscious motivation and objectives. The manifestations of her power, the effect it has in the world around her is sometimes noticed, but remains mysterious to her. She likely has a nagging feeling that she's missing something, and is often a good source of income for cold-readers, fortune tellers, psychics and psychologists. They have a deep usually completely unconscious fear of anything in life not fitting how TV tells them things "should be". Collectively their power is immense, even though, individually, privately, they may have disagreements with the cultural way, they accept it's how things are done.

Somewhat more aware are women who use their power unconsciously, with unconscious motivation but for conscious objectives These are the women-warriors. Attila the Hens. Maggie Thatcher, St. Jean d' arc, Boudica, Poolan Devi Condoleeza Rice and less obviously Jane Fonda and Oprah. They have a cause, a battle to fight, and they often do so magnificently. They feel compelled, driven to their battles but are not in touch with the source of their motivation or aware of their real enemy. With just this degree of awareness, however, some of them really manage to rock the world!

More aware still are the modern Hetaeras who use their power still unconsciously, but with conscious motivation for conscious objectives. Women who don't accept cultural restrictions. They either cover up carefully like Glen Close in Dangerous Liaisons (at amazon or kalahari), circumventing the strictures of the Women's Union, or ignoring the hatred of their less evolved sisters, they pay the cultural taboos less than lip service.  They often have influence in the arts and politics. Lola Montez, Lilly St. Cyr, Marilyn Monroe, Madonna. Appreciated, even worshipped (often in secrecy) by men as the closest representatives of the Goddess they know.

Spiritually evolved, and greatly aware, a Dakini has one purpose – your spiritual advancement, from wherever you are to wherever you can go. She is operating consciously with Love and all the leverage that affords her, to pry apart defences, smash ego and put Truth where it can't be ignored – that you might wake up to your purpose, your flowering. She's an emissary of Life, tempting you to really Living, to experiencing the real fruits of your existence.

A Dakini can be loved, adored, worshipped… that's essential… but she can never be owned. No artist, no poet could expect his Muse to be permanently available, or in any way exclusive, to him. They do what they do, live as they live so that they may serve existence in this way. Any restriction on their freedom, their flowering, is a restriction on their usefulness to existence. Another way to express this is to say that they are already married – to The Divine.

Dakas in this school, in sessions, work strictly to the directions of a Dakini when a female student (or another Dakini, or prospective Dakini) of theirs can benefit from something that particular Daka is practiced in. Very sensitive work indeed, and not often required. No, we're not hiring, please, guys, we're not even reading your applications anymore. Stoppit!

Dakinis and Dakas are those who know, at their deepest level, that this is their calling, their vocation. The commitment required is not "great" or "huge", it's total. Every aspect of being is involved. To work effectively with Tantra, an impeccable mind, a healthy body, an open heart and a significant degree of spiritual awareness are required.

So, for Dakinis, diet, exercise, meditation and some form of energy work are important. Dakinis work on themselves, their bodies and minds using Yoga, Tai-Chi, and practicing various arts along with lots of silent sitting meditation.

The Buddha's injunction to practice "right livelihood" is also important. Being involved in a business that profits from or causes damage to the earth is not compatible with tantric practice. Neither is being involved with any enterprise that derogates the Goddess, or any aspect of the Divine Feminine. These are not "rules", they are simply facts. Keeping the heart open and loving is essential to working with sacred sexuality. The heart can't be open when you're doing that which offends it.

The judgments of the surrounding culture also have to be faced. Many people focus on the sexual aspects of the work and reckon that "Dakini" is synonymous with "whore". Mainstream religions have done an effective job of convincing people that sex is inherently sinful, and this judgment has infected even non-semitic religions.

So a Tantrika, Dakini or Daka, has to face the same cultural judgment as a sex worker. She has to make a living from her teaching work, or supplement it with something compatible with her ethics/aesthetics. Maintaining her body, mind and spirit is a full time job, whether she has one client a month, or a dozen. Her lovers (outside of her healing work) are limited to those who have transcended jealousy, or willingly take on that journey. It really is a miracle that there are people in the world that are willing and able to do this work. It's not surprising that they are rare. Appreciate them.

Dakini Shima on the subject of her sessons work:

I invite you to join me in this sacred work. Come sit in presence and let your falsities and your mediocrity and refusal of living be burned to ashes in the fire of awareness. Find heart, step towards the one who throws you off the cliff.

“Come to the edge, she said
Come to the edge, she said
They came, she pushed
And they flew”

What happens in a session ... Existence moves me, I become the hand, the voice and the body of the goddess.

And I cannot tell you what happens in a session. Until you sit in front of me, I do not know .

I can tell you that Existence wants nothing less than the totality of who you are expressed fully in this living. I am the priestess of this passage.

Be warned, I answer to the truth of who you are, the falsity meets the fire and only the fire.

Do not arrive at my door seeking refuge for your demands or a good time. You will be disappointed.

I answer to those who burn with wanting to know the truth of this living. For those few worriors and true lovers I answer you with totality such as you have never tasted.

Both the warrior and the lover are needed to undertake this journey. For it is the victory of conquering the false and in the surrender of loving the divine that you meet your self.


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