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Tantric Touch Sessions


Place your whole attention in the nerve, delicate as the lotus thread,
in the center of you spinal column - and be transformed

~ Lao Tsu

We use techniques from tantric, taoist and neo-tantra sources to support students with this important area of beginners' work.
Currently, touch sessions are available in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

These sessions are intimate and intense experiences. Many practitioners use similar techniques, but seldom with similar intent. In this school, the strong energies evoked in these practices are used to fuel your flowering as a human and sexual being.

Tantra Massage

Chakra Massage

Tantric Balancing

Our tantric massage combines the high-sensitivity techniques of tantra with the high-intensity techniques of taoist practitioners.

This brings awareness of sexuality and love as such, beyond conventional cultural interpretations.

This technique finds and addresses resistance, numbness and discomfort.

It is a strongly evocative technique, and addresses the effects of past sexual repression, trauma and judgement.

Tantric balancing encourages awareness of your masculine and feminine energies.

Emotionally deep and often very moving, it supports their integration as an inner-lovemaking.

Tantra Energy Intensive

Couples Touch Sessions

Womens Sessions

A four handed technique by Dakini Wendy and Yogini Brenda.

A powerful experience of directly transformative energies.

With Sw. Rahasya and Yogini Brenda, these sessions support couples to greater awareness of their individual and combined capacities.

Consultation, guidance and support for women by Rahasya.

Rahasya has a wide range of sessions work for women. More at his page at


Because of the power inherent in these techniques, it is strongly recommended that you have a session with Rahasya or a Dakini to discuss your interest in Tantra before starting, or soon after beginning.

For details of each teachers' work and their sessions costs, see their pages at









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